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Morton Grove Prairie Nature Preserve

The Morton Grove prairie remnant is all that is left of the mesic and wet mesic tallgrass prairie that had covered the vast open spaces once found here. This 1.3 acres site contains over 56 species of native plants including big bluestem and Indian grass, and forbs such as Indian plantain, prairie rose, shooting stars, rattlesnake master and golden alexanders. This prairie is located on the north end of Prairie View Park on Dempster Street east of Waukegan Road. The site was protected since 1975 and in 1979, it was designated as an Illinois State Nature Preserve.


Prairie Plants

Prairie plants include grasses and forbs (wild flowers) with trees and shrubs being present only as scattered individuals or clumps. The most important grasses on the Morton Grove Prairie are switch grass, cord grass, prairie dropseed, porcupine grass, Indian grass and big and little bluestem. Also grass-like sedges mass to form a small meadow. Over 100 species of plants not found anywhere except on a prairie are found here.

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VolunteersButterflyBweedCulver's root

DennisDennisDennisWork Tree

PhloxObedientPipesworthPrairie Rose

Pulling GarlicShooting StarBooblebeeWhite Flower

Wild StrawberryYellow IrisCompass PlantMonarch