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There are some good full cover betting promotions out there especially for Lucky 15s 31s and 63s. Your £1 stake goes on A at 4/1 and you get a return of £4 but your £1 stake is then reinvested on selection B at 5/1 for a return of £60 (£50 winnings + £10 stake). This functionality enables you to select the odds format that you prefer, decimal (e.g. 1.25) or fractional (e.g. 1/4).

A patent consists of 3 selections taking part in different events. A Yankee bet consists of 6 doubles (2-leg accumulators), 4 trebles (3-leg accumulators) and one four-leg accumulator. Essentially, these are all possible combinations for 4 selections.

11 of these 22 bets are the same as in a Yankee bet while the additional 11 bets are for the selections to place. Placing a Super Yankee means you are placing 26 bets on five different selection – a $1 win-only Super Yankee bet would therefore cost $26. Two or more winning selections guarantee a return from this wager. You can easily switch between fractional and decimal odds. You also have the option to enter the each way odds for your bet and whether your selection came first. The payout for your Yankee bet can vary wildly, depending on the odds of the teams you select.

The combinations are 6 doubles, 4 trebles and an accumulator with four selections, or a fourfold. If you are betting on the likes of horse races and one of your horses ends up being a non-runner, this is less than ideal. What happens next will depend on the operator you are using. For example, if there is a non-runner and the three other selections win, then you will get paid out on the fourfold as a treble. Yankee betting is definitely a great type of bet to have access to.

Super yankee bet calculator – Use this odds calculator to work out the winnings of your wager. Whether is an each way football bet covering the weekends action or a wager to encompass your horse race meeting, this tool provides everything you need. Mike Epifani (shown here at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas) is an experienced online gambling writer who specializes in online casinos and sports betting sites. From the nuances of bonus offers to winning strategies and beyond, his insights have helped countless remote bettors keep more of their money while having fun and staying safe. Add those all up together and we have scooped an incredible £14,600! As you can see, a Yankee bet can make you rich, if you get all four horses right and the prices are not short!

The only difference between Yankee betting and a Lucky 15 is that you will not come across any singles bets as part of Yankee betting. It is a great betting type to boost your odds for a number of events combined together. A Yankee bet in horse racing is when you include four horses in your accumulator and back them with 11 different bets. You need two, three, or all four horses to triumph to have a successful wager. However, as a result of this security, the returns that bettors stand to make from a yankee bet are considerably lower than other forms of multiple bet. For example, under the conditions of a treble bet, all selections must win.